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Volunteer Character Cast


Have you been bitten by the acting bug? Would you like to be part of a fun and friendly group of actors? Nobility or peasant class, we have a role for you! Join the Cast of the Indiana Renaissance Faire!

Stop in for a short interview with our Cast Director and Guild Staff to help us find the best character role placement/volunteering experience for you. We are a street theater performance group of new and veteran actors. Rehearsals start with a Boot Camp to start you on the process of character and costume creation. Rehearsals are a mix of street theater improvisation, practicing job duties and learning acting basics. Our character roles are based on historical research and documentation of the Elizabethan era and we take great pains to give Faire patrons an immersive, fun, and enlightening experience while enjoying Faire days. 

Character roles available:

  • Billericay Villager: Peasant, Constable, Midling (Middle-Class Merchant), these are based on Villagers from the town of Billericay, England around the year 1579. 

  • Fae (18+): Fairy Folk for Summer Court and Winter Court, Beasts and Fae from Western European mythology

  • Queen Elizabeth's Court: Household staff, Yeoman of the Guard (18+), Gentry and Nobility researched as part of Queen Elizabeth's Court around the year 1579.

Cast Requirements:

No experience necessary

Must be at least 15 yrs of age by Faire days, children under 18 yrs of age must have a parent/legal guardian sign Volunteer Permission form at auditions.

The cast must sew or purchase their own Faire clothing. IRF Performer Costume Guidelines require garments to be based on historically authentic looking 16th century English clothing. Please take into consideration your budget for clothing expenses. Peasant clothing costs $100-$500 (the garb itself can usually be purchased inexpensively, but costs do tend to add up with accessories like hats and shoes) while Noble's garb can cost $1000 and up.

Attend once a month (minimum) Rehearsals from July-Sept. as well as both full Faire days, Oct. 5th and 6th, 2019, 10a-6p, rain or shine. 

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