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Can I wear my garb to the faire?

Absolutely! We love to interact with patrons who are into the renfaire experience as much as we are. 


What about weapons?

If you plan to bring weapons (such as swords, daggers, axes), they MUST be peace tied. If any such weapons are removed from their scabbards, you will be asked to leave. This is for the safety of all our patrons. Under no circumstances are real firearms (black powder or modern) allowed. Bows are fine, but please leave your real arrows at home. The same goes for purchased weapons which also need to be either peace tied or remain in their package.


Is the faire friendly for children?

Absolutely! Our all volunteer cast consists of many families who join with the purpose of spending more quality time together.  Please note that we do have an adult only beer garden sponsored by Terrance Smith and Crimson Trace which has some more adult style entertainment (you must be 21 to enter the area). 


Can I smoke?

No. We are a non-smoking venue. If you find it necessary to smoke, feel free to head out to the parking lot.


Can I bring my own food?

Our food vendors offer a variety of foods (some period and some more modern). Guests may carry in beverages and small snack items in reusable containers. ​Refillable cups that can be use multiple times are available for purchase. We are always working to offer even more food and snack choices. 


Can I bring my pets?

With the exception of well-trained service animals, pets are not allowed at the faire. If you bring your pet you will be asked to leave. 

Is the faire handicap accessible?

We try our best to make the faire accessible to everyone. There is handicapped parking right by the front entrance.  However, keep in mind that the faire is held on a field. 


Can I give out pamphlets, coins, information about my Organization?

The renfaire (including the parking lot) is a no solicitation venue. Please do not distrubute any pamphlets, coins etc. about your organization (including religious and/or political organizations). If you are a politician running for office, please do not hand out election information. 


Should I tip the entertainers?

If you have enjoyed a show, it is customary to tip the entertainers.


If I bring a large group of patrons, can we get a discount?

Absolutely. If you have a group bigger than 25 please contact us! 


I love the faire and would like to get involved. How do I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the cast please contact the Cast Director. No prior experience at renfaires or in theatre is required.  We encourage families to join together and spend some quality time together. You must be 16 years or older to join without a parent or adult guardian. If you are interested in being a general volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Chairman. Boy or Girl scout troops are welcome!


I have an act and I would like to perform at the faire. Who do I contact?

If you are a renaissance faire performer and would like to either volunteer or be hired by the faire, please contact the Entertainment Director. We are always looking for new and interesting entertainment that is appropriate to the period.


I love the faire and would love to make a donation or sponsor an event at the faire. Who do I contact?

Contact Faire Chairman. We do not have any limits on donations and/or sponsorships. Every little bit helps us bring the finest in entertainment to you. We have tried our best to keep the prices down to make it affordable to everyone and as a result really don’t bring in enough money to consider expanding the faire to 2 weekends or more. We would love to be able to have a permanent site at some point as well, which would allow us to do a lot of different events during the year. Please note that we do not receive any public funding.

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