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2019 Performances: All shows are approximately 30 minutes long except for the morning joust which is 45 minutes and the afternoon joust which is 1 hour.

Knights of Valour Joust Troupe 🐎
Champion’s Arena at 12:30 and 4
Entertaining audiences nationwide with award-winning shows of horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry, these knights will thrill you as they clash in full-contact jousting astride magnificent war horses. Spend time with these champion riders at their display of armor and weaponry, and see their beautiful steeds close up.

Chaste Treasure 🎶
Chequers Stage at 10:30 and 2:30
Red Lion Beer Garden at Noon and 3:30
Truly a treasure, but questionably “chaste”, this women’s a cappella singing group will entertain with a variety of music, including original tunes and traditional festival songs. Take in their more “bawdy antics” in the beer garden. No need to cover ankle biter’s ears on the main stage.

Cutlass Cooking 🗡️
Chequers Stage at 11:45, 1:15, 3:15, and 5
Definitely, the strangest cooking show ever to sail the seven seas. Audience participation abounds with call and response, direct interactions, and a surprise ending proven to leave audiences laughing and smiling!

Jester Jim’s Magicke Show 
Tye Commons at 11, 1:15, 2:30, and 5:15
Magic is fun for the whole royal family! NO need to call the executioner, you’ll laugh your head right off with Jester Jim as he invites the gentry to volunteer in his jest from around the realm. Come and experience magick stronger than the finest knight in the land and carry away the amazement in your heart!

The Wonder Elixir of Life Show ⚗️
Tye Commons at 10:15, 11:45, 2 and 3:15
The Late Mountebank & Wonder Elixir of Life Company is a classic, Renaissance-era 'medicine show' in the style of the Mountebanks of the Tudor Era and beyond. Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, our characters extol the virtues of their 'amazing elixir', and continue to delight and entertain the audience in the meantime with small routines of fortune-telling, magic, and humor.

Knotty Bits 🤸
High Street Stage at 11:15, 1:30, 3:15
The Knotty Bits Pirate Circus is what happens when Cap’n Sylver Fyre, First Mate Gwyd the Unusual and the crew of the Dread Ship Knotty Bits make landfall and test their piratical skills out on the solid ground. Whether showing how to keep their balance on a swaying deck, fitting through a hole smaller than the barrel of a cannon, or the first mate dodging the Captains whip, it is all just leading up to a spectacular performance with the crew climbing into the rigging and sails of their landlocked ship! Prepare to be amazed as these stunning scallywags take to the skies to twist, twine and fling themselves from nearly 30 feet in the air- to stop mere inches from the ground. A fast-paced, genuine, up close, too funny for words pirate circus...without the risk of scurvy! 

Indiana Wild 🐢
Canterbury Commons at 10:30, Noon, and 2
Join Indiana WILD for their interactive, hands-on Live animal shows. Fun for all ages. Animals and volunteers….. comedy ensues. What else can we say?


Rogue Blades ⚔️
Tansfield Stage at 10:30, Noon, 2:45, 5:15
What happens when the dark and sinister Swordsman Dave the Knave challenges the great knight, Sir James, accompanied by the bumbling and faithful Squire Paul, in a duel to the death? Hilarious comedy and the most exciting sword-fighting in the realm. With over a dozen years of performing, The Rogue Blades Sword-Fighting Comedy Show promises to delight the entire family.

Ric Roc Zoo 🎭
Tansfield Stage at 11:15, 1:15, 2 and 3:30
The Ric Roc Zoo shows combine juggling, physical comedy, magic and fire into two different amazing shows — the Dumb Show & the Stupid Show. See them both.

Molotov 🔥
High Street Stage at 10:30, Noon, 2:15, and 5:15
Be prepared to be amazed, amused, and a little confused as Molotov returns to present his hilarious comedy stunt show. Fire-eating, sword-swallowing, and dangerous shenanigans are just part of what can be expected. There may even be some love poetry!

Drunk & Sailor 🥴
Red Lion Beer Garden at 12:30, 3
Chequers Stage at 11 and 2
Don’t miss their songs about drinking…their songs about sailing… their songs about drinking and sailing!

Red Rum ☠️
Red Lion Beer Garden at 1:30
Canterbury Commons at 11:15 and 3
Captain Romeo ‘the’ Red, First Mate Rum and Master Musician Scurvy will keep your feet tappin’, hands clappin’ and voices raised as you sing along to these pirate’s contagious versions of traditional faire music, original songs, and parodies intermixed with their own style of jokes and toasts. Captain the Red and his crew will also be hosting Opening gate and the end of day Pub Sing at the front gate.

Luku the Mad Skald 🏰
Red Lion Beer Garden at 11 and 2:30
Canterbury Commons 1:15
A fun show featuring a mixture of traditional faire songs, Norse folk songs and a bit of madness. Quirky and fun is the name of his game!

Minstrel Rav’n 🎵
Red Lion Beer Garden at 10:30, 11:30, 1, and 2
A wandering bard, The Minstrel Rav’n travels lands singing songs and telling stories of pirates, taverns and elven lasses, though not necessarily in that order!

Punch and Judy 🎎
10:45, Noon, 1:15, 3
Mousetrap Puppets present a traditional Punch & Judy fit for the whole family, filled with sausages, chases, slapstick, sausages, confusion, word play, and more sausages. Mr. Punch & Co. bring over 350 years of entertainment history with them to each show.


Kings Court Singers 👑
Essex Gate at 2:30
Canterbury Commons at 5 — Saturday only!
The award-winning NCHS madrigal choir performs to please the royalty and common folk too.


Indiana Renaissance Faire Madrigal Choir 😮
Essex Gate 10:15 — Saturday only!
Essex Gate at 2 — both days!
Canterbury Commons at 5 — Sunday only!
The Indiana Renaissance Faire Madrigal Choir returns to perform period music for all to enjoy.


Crossroads Mystic 🔮
In the lanes
Gavin the Crossroads Mystic, will be in the streets. Find him and see “Strange Thing” or enjoy a magical moment.


🔒 Publik Gaol • Civil Disputes Heard and Declared — matters of contention and disagreeable persons dealt with • Open to All Persons With or Without a Chip upon the Shoulder • Arrests — public humiliations — potential beheadings. Going medieval on ye’ couldn’t be more fun! See the acting Sherriff deliver his own style of Elizabethan justice at The Sheriff’s Court.

🍾 Blue Boar Inn: A good place to meet the cast and characters of the faire.


👸 Queen’s Glade

• Courtly Life. All Day. Games, gossip and goings-on. How did 16th-century well-to-dos have fun and pass the time? Come visit, relax, play a game and chat with the lords and ladies of the court about daily life among the Gentry and Nobility.

• Rat Pucking: Join the denizens of Byllerica and the Nobles of Queen Elizabeth’s court in this rollicking game. Meet at the Queen’s Glade at 11 or 3.

• Children’s Knighting Ceremony at 2. Her Majesty invites children of ALL ages for a Grand Knighting Ceremony.


🧚 Faerie Glade
• Fairy Lunch: Noon. join the Fae for lunch (but please bring your own as humans cannot eat Fae delicacies).

• Fantastical Frivolities and Frolics (games, songs, faerie shower and silliness) at 11:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m.


👋 Pub Sing at Essex Gate at 5:30 till we’re done!
Say goodbye to Byllerica until next year in grand fashion as all the musical groups including the Indiana Renfaire choir sing the sun to bed. Dancing, sing-alongs, fun, and a great photo op. What a wonderful way to end a fantastic day. Hosted by Captain Romeo ‘the‘ Red, First Mate Rum and Scurvy.

And in the Lanes:

The denizens of Byllerica
Wind Rose Minstrels

What’s Going On Right Now?

10:15 Wonder Elixir

10:15 SAT Madrigal Choir

10:30 Indiana Wild

10:30 Minstrel Rav’n

10:30 Molotov

10:30 Rogue Blades

10:30 Chaste Treasure

10:45 Punch and judy

11 Jester Jim

11 Drunk and Sailor

11 Luku

11:15 Knotty Bits

11:15 Red Rum

11:15 Ric Roc Zoo

11:30 Minstrel Rav’n

11:45 Wonder Elixir

11:45 Cutlass Cooking

12 Punch and Judy

12 Chaste Treasure

12 Rogue Blades

12 Indiana Wild

12 Molotov

12:30 KOV Joust

12:30 Drunk and Sailor

1 Minstrel Rav’n

1:15 Ric Roc Zoo

1:15 Jester Jim

1:15 Punch and Judy

1:15 Luku

1:15 Cutlass Cooking

1:30 Red Rum

1:30 Knotty Bits

2 Drunk and Sailor

2 Minstrel Rav’n

2 Wonder Elixir

2 Indiana Wild

2 Madrigal Choir

2 Ric Roc Zoo

2:15 Molotov

2:30 Luku

2:30 Chaste Treasure

2:30 Jester Jim

2:30 KC Singers

2:45 Rogue Blades

3 drunk and sailor

3 Punch and Judy

3 Red Rum

3:15 Cutlass Cooking

3:15 Wonder Elixir

3:15 Knotty Bits

3:30 Chaste Treasure

3:30 Ric Roc Zoo

4 KOV Joust

5 Cutlass Cooking

5 Sun Madrigal Choir

5SAT KC Singers

5:15 Jester Jim

5:15 Rogue Blades

5:15 Molotov


5:30 Grand Pub Sing

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